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4LA - Family Tree [Kizi Garden Records/KZG017]

4LA – Family Tree EP (Included Kenji Endo Edit)

Title : Family Tree [KZG018]
Artist: 4LA
Kizi Garden Records

1.4LA – Miso Soup (Original Mix)
2.4LA – Cold City Dreaming (Original Mix)
3.Kenji Endo & 4LA – Northeast (Original Mix)
4.Kenji Endo & 4LA – Northeast (Kenji Endo Shot Trip Edit)

Format: Digital (iTunesTraxsourceBeatport, Juno)
Release date: 29 May 2016


You can get a new EP “Family Tree” snippet.

Kizi garden’s branch has reached from Montreal to Tokyo, and now even to Sapporo where the temperature in winter drops below-20 ℃.

4LA is a project name by a Japanese DJ/producer, Hiroki Shira.

“Family Tree” is his first EP played with his DJ crew, Kenji Endo.

Japanese house groove influenced by classic house will take you on a journey from north to east.

A short trip to the dance floor!

Owly - Hemisphère EP

Owly – Emisphere Interne (Kenji Endo Rework)

Owly – Hemisphere EP
1. Owly – Emisphere Interne (Original Mix)
2. Owly – La Termite Noire (Original Mix)
3. Owly – Emisphere Interne (Kenji Endo Rework)

[Release Information]
Date: 31 March 2016
Label: Kizi Garden Records
Catalog#: KZG016


When french microhouse meets its japanese interpretation you travel the Hemisphere. Owly’s coming back on Kizi with a new groovy micro-house EP. This time you will be able to experience bits of acid on micro beats. Kenji Endo interpreted in his deep japanese way, Owly’s track. Close your eyes and enter the Kizi.

EUREKA! 18th March 2016 at Circus Tokyo

EUREKA! 18th March 2016 at Circus Tokyo

Part of opening set of EUREKA! 18th March 2016 at Circus Tokyo

1, Lay-Far – Sun [House Of Eureka]
2, Petre Inspirescu – Delir 4 (Original Mix) [Mule Musiq]
3, Leif – Leif Life Through Analogies (Original Mix) [Fear Of Flying]
4, Stereociti – Initial Assumption (Original Mix) [Mojuba]
5, Chaos In The CBD – Spheres (Original Mix) [Mule Musiq]
6, Atjazz – It’s Complete (Original Mix) [Atjazz Record Company]
7, Clara Hill – Hard To Say (Meets Slope Mix)[Soner Kollektiv]
8, Harvey Sutherland – Close Quarters (Original Mix)[Voyage Recordings]
9, Glenn Astro – Love Is Gone (Henry Wu Remix)[Wotnot]
10, Moomin – A Minor Thought (Original Mix)[Smaville]
11, Owly – Emisphère Interne (Original)[Kizi Garden Records]
12, Munk – Purple Dust (Original Mix)[Local Talk]
13, Taron Trekka – Straff Affo (Original Mix)[Fina]
14, Nachtbraker – Time Is of the Essence (Original Mix)[Dirt Crew]
15. Makoto Fujita – Alkrhythm(Original Mix)

10# KYMCAD Mix :: Kenji Endo


01. Koss-Shadow World(Original Mix)[Mule Musiq]
02. Atjazz-Air(Original Mix)[Atjazz Record Company]
03. Leif-Belief And Experience(Original Mix)[Fear Of Flying]
04. Tom Ellis-The Tale Of Mrs. Peacock(Original Mix)[Hushlamb Label Project]
05. Nachtbraker-You Is What You Aint(Original Mix)[Hudd Traxx]
06. Homework-Yakushima Dreams(Original Mix)[Let’s Play House]
07. DJ Koze-XTC(Original Mix)[Pampa Records]
08. Naomi Ventura-It’s In The Eyes(Original Mix)[Kizi Garden Records]
09. Crackazat-Eye Light(Midnight)[Local Talk]
10. Detroit Swindle-Victoria’s Secret(Original Mix)[Freerange Records]
11. Kez YM-Black Box Jam(Original Mix)[Faces Records]
12. Brisa-The Sound(Original Mix)[Rebirth]
13. Lay-Far-Coming Back(Original Mix)[Lazy Days]
14. NAYYBA – Feel(Original Mix)[Kizi Garden Records]
15. Brame&Hamo-Hotshot(Original Mix)[Heist Recordings]

Release date: 20th July 2015



Label: Kizi Garden Records
Catalogue number: KIZI01B
Release date: 6 JULY 2015

DESCRIPTION: It’s been a year that Kizi Garden is born. This year has been eventful, we met a lot of new talents, faced new challenges. Kizi & the Gang is the occasion for the label to gather all our artists scattered across the world in one space.

This compilation is the extent of the family we’re trying to build. In it you will hear new artists with upcoming releases on Kizi Garden, all the artists present in our past releases. They are people we want to build a long and lasting relationship with. They’ve got skills. They are passionate. We’re bound by the music. Hear their call : HOUSE !



Label: Kizi Garden Records
Catalogue number: KZG003
Release date: 18 August 2014

DESCRIPTION: Kizi Garden’s branches now reach as far as Tokyo (over 10,000km from Montreal). Kenji Endo made us an EP called “The Background”, which represents summer in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Classic House structure of these three tracks reveals the multiple influences on Kenji’s work.


Ume / Saru (Kenji Endo Remix) [Outdraw Music]

Ume / Saru Remixes
1. Kikiorix Remix
2. Telly Remix
3. Kenji Endo Remix

Label: Outdraw Music
Date: 12 October 2013
Catalog No.: ODM007

Now on sale at Beatport!…do-remix/4772720


One (Official lisence mix CD)

Mixed and compiled by Kenji Endo

Masterded by Hideo Kobayashi(Sonic Vista Studio Japan)
Designed by Kikigraphix(Kikiorix)




Recording my mix at EUREKA! on 10th August 2012.



Limited mix at the neme of  party “Seasons” produced by Apt. International on 2011.



Mix in hot Summer 2010.



Mix in cold Winter 2010.